Bespoke Corner

Welcome to our exclusive Bespoke Corner!

Here you could see the exclusive male and female coordinated suits.

We could customize trousers and jackets with your measumerements and find the perfect colors for you!
It is a really tailor made and bespoke line.

Clik on the pic to see the product code.
Prices are on demand. 

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What makes this line special?

All of these clothes are made with our patented special fabric: the Dynamic Fabric.
After years of research and experimentation, the brand has come up with an innovative knitting process.

The process, called DINAMI-TECS, allows to manufacture structured garments that offer the same shape and contour inalterability typical of rigid fabrics, combined with the stretchability, elasticity and comfort of tricot items.

Thus, DINAMI-TECS, far from being a mere knitting process, is a lifestyle.  The Flexibility Philosophy.

DINAMI-TECS garments are perfect for modern, cosmopolite people, always on the move, ready to go from the office to a cocktail party in a matter of minutes; people who need versatile, classy clothes that do not crease easily and that can be easily altered to suit different occasions.

In the brand’s philosophy, luxury means an item that can be worn over and over, without losing any of its appeal.