Collection: FALL-WINTER 2023-24 COLLECTION

The new R4R collection for FW 2023–24 is characterized by the Italian language and the most vibrant creativity.

The exclusive illustrations by artist Alexa Baldessari for our company are inspired by the ancient Roman gods, reworked in a pop and contemporary way.
The mythological tradition meets the power and richness of the Italian lexicon, giving rise to an unprecedented and original combination aimed at transforming the collection into an unmissable must-have.

The details are taken care of, down to the smallest detail, to amaze the eye and touch.
Let yourself be conquered!

This capsule collection is just the beginning of a project that is defining its visual and communicative identity in a strong and clear way.
For this reason, the lookbook and campaign photos were studied and created together with the students of the audiovisual sector of the "Centro Studi Casnati".

Nicola Monteleone was the artist behind the new logo.