R4R - Our Brand

R4R - Redaelli's Family Project is not a fashion line, it is a vision, a challenge.
It is the celebration of the sincere affection that unites past, present and future in the persons of Roberta Redaelli and her nephew Riccardo.
When a passion is that strong, it is easily transmitted like a living flame from one generation to another.

For Roberta and Riccardo to create art is a moment of sharing, of communion. This is how the name of the men's and women's line came about, with the initials of the two fashion designers: two letters combined and facing each other. 
In the middle there’s a 4 (phoneticaly ‘for’), symbolising the idea of "one for the other", and a 4, because destiny has united them even in their double initials.

Fashion by R4R is young, dynamic, perfect for those who love quality and comfort but don't want to give up an exclusive, unconventional style.

A fashion that combines powerful contemporary creativity with the timeless values of the highest Italian craftsmanship.
Garments and accessories for him and her linked by details and playing with colours because style is more beautiful when it is shared!

But that's not all... the mood is always genderless so that everyone feels good in their own skin!

R4R is much more than a brand... it's a family project!