Collection: FALL-WINTER 2022/23 COLLECTION

“Life is a circus” takes the viewer to a world that blends magic and mystery, real and unreal. Equilibrists and contortionists become a metaphor for today's life, suspended between dreams, hopes, fears, and questions.

Today we are called to know how to stay in balance in a world in constant change and transformation and to know how to juggle, such as skilled acrobats champions of flips and amazing evolutions, in a thousand and one situations, and this is what the circus teaches with its centuries-old art and in constant evolution.

The drawings made by hand by the Como-based artist Tebra are a celebration of the circus world. A riot of shapes and colors that captivate with their hypnotic charm.

A dream that becomes real and colors the everyday life with special and truly unique vibes. The prints that embellish the garments, in relief like embroidery, are made using cutting-edge technologies, and this has allowed us to create textures that are truly material to the touch, completely new, and of the highest quality.

To give further expressive power to the project, there is the involvement of an experimental musician from Como, Comma Uno, who, with his soundtrack, enriches the multimedia contents created for the promotion of the collection.
A true 360 ° art project.

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